The Last War ended five years ago, the fragile peace that was established with the treaty of Thronehold, which also established the freedom of the Warforged, has lasted, so far. However, all is not well, the outlawed knightly order of Karrnath, now terrorist organisation, The Order of the Emerald Claw, have become more active. Three years ago, there were rumours they were involved in the blast that destroyed many buildings in Korranberg – including the Korranberg Chronicle, once the permier news paper in all of Khorvaire, talk of a group of adventurers being onvolved in this incdent were never proved, though a similar story was linked with a later blast that killed many scholars in Morgrave university.

This campaign is in the final stages of writing. Information about it will be added here later, however, we don’t want to give away too much just yet. This is also a sequel to an older campaign, thus some events have been added to the history of this campaign (such as the aforementioned bombings) which are not in the official ECS book.

The Tailor Of Sharn